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1st Light Energy's Solar Thermal hot water heating systems use free and renewable energy from the sun to heat domestic hot water. A conventional household boiler, air source heat pump or immersion heater is then used as back-up to supplement the solar hot water system and provides hot water when solar energy is not available.

How do solar thermal water heating systems work?

Solar water heating systems use evaucated tube type or flat plate solar panels (collectors) which are fitted to the roof of a property. These panels collect energy from the sun and use it to warm water which is stored in a hot water cylinder or thermal store.

A boiler, air source heat pump or immersion heater can be used to supplement the solar hot water system. It will help heat the water to reach the temperature set by the cylinder thermostsat when the solar system does not reach the required temperature.

The benefits of a solar thermal water heating Installation

If you are a commercial user, the system qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) which means that 100% of the cost can be offset against that years business tax liability and there is also a very tax efficient lease scheme by which to fund the purchase of this technology subject to status


Is a solar thermal heating system suitable for my home?

To tell if a 1st Light Energy solar hot water system is suitable for you, there are a few key questions to consider:

If you would like to look into the likely performance and benefits your property could derive from the installation of a 1st Light Energy renewable system, please contact us for a totally free, no obligation survey and quote. Tel: 0845 557 0639


The system could provide most of your hot water in the Summer months but much less during colder weather! Source: Energy Saving Trust 2013.

Maintainence of a solar thermal water heating system

The maintainence requirements and costs of a 1st Light Energy solar system are very low and can be carried out by our expert engineers.

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